Friday, November 18, 2016

4 Ways to Follow God Every Day

Though I claim to follow God, sometimes I find it hard to live that out every day in a practical way. What does it mean to follow God every day? Not just going to church, not just reading my Bible, not just writing about it. Following. 

I've come up with some practical ways that I can start experiencing God in my everyday life. 

1. Look for God in your everyday experiences. In fact, every meal you eat, every safe car drive you take, every blessing that comes into your life, comes from God. Don't take those things for granted, and don't forget to thank Him every day for those things. Be mindful of what is in your life and that each bit has been given. I believe that being thankful absolutely helps to experience God in a practical way. 

2. Begin the day by asking for His guidance. What if we started every day with a prayer, asking God to help guide our steps? It seems like an obvious thing to do, yet I rarely ever start my day this way. Don't jump out of bed first thing. Stay there. Pray. Ask God for His help for you to shine for Him. 

3. What would Jesus do? It's a cliche saying, but it can really help guide you. How would Jesus respond to this person? Would Jesus listen to this music? While it can seem overwhelming to constantly be comparing yourself with Jesus, it doesn't have to be! I find that the more I examine my life, the easier it is to make the right decision. Deep down, I want to be more like Jesus, even if it's hard. 

4. Don't make big decisions without prayer. Or really, little decisions either. I am SO guilty of not doing this. If I have a decision to make I ask everyone for their opinion, I make a list of pros and cons, I might even ask God to bless my decision. BUT I don't ask God to guide my decision! Asking God to help me make my decision is probably the number one thing I should be doing. 

What are the ways you follow God every day? 


  1. Hi Danielle!

    I absolutely love this post! So thankful I found your blog. :)


  2. Thanks Ashley! Have a happy thanksgiving!