Friday, March 3, 2017

Our March Challenge

Happy March, friends! 

Those of you who don't know my husband won't understand the enormity of this-- a few weeks ago, Daniel told me that he was going off sugar for the month of March. At first I thought he was joking, because it just seemed so unDaniel-like! He asked me to join him in it. I was very reluctant (still am), mainly because I didn't want to give up sweetened iced coffee and Starbucks refreshers. 

But I wanted to support him, so I am joining him on this challenge-- but with some caveats. My caveat is that I will allow myself 2 sweetened coffees OR refreshers a week. I know this is cheating but I just can't even.

This is what I/we ARE doing:

- Cutting out all junk food (ice cream, baked goods, candy, any dessert items)
- Eat cereals without added sugar, eggs, or smoothies for breakfast
- No sugary drinks (BUT Danielle can have up to 2 iced coffees or refreshers a week)
- Eat more veggies and protein as replacements for sugary foods

We are NOT:
- Cutting out fruits, because I believe fruits are healthy and good!
- Doing this forever

Want to switch up your morning routine? Try a smoothie bowl! No added sugar necessary!
So why are we doing this? Or rather, why is Daniel doing this? He told me that he has done a lot of reading about people cutting sugar out of their lives and how good it makes them feel. I'm hoping that we will feel really awesome! 

Another crazy thing I'm doing is beginning to train for a half marathon. Seriously, every time I finish one I swear that I will NEVER go through that again. So, here we are again. Let's see how it goes. 

So, what crazy things has your spouse talked you into doing?? May your weekend be truly blessed. 

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