Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Solomon, Winnie Mandela, and other hilarious things.

I am writing this, drinking my disgusting cup of coffee with cream and NO syrup. Ick, seriously how the heck do people drink black coffee and whyyyyyyyyyy?

You guys know I love TED talks. I have been listening to a few, hoping to find an inspiring and helpful one that would rock my world. I might have found some, but I can't get past this one. Want a good laugh? Watch this right now. Every time I watch I do a good ugly laugh/cry. 

Love it. The grammar, the humor, Winnie Mandela, everything. One love. 

Then, there's looking on Craigslist for puppies. I find the offers to be highly amusing and legitimate. 

That grammar, so good. 

Something else that makes me laugh? 

These memes. 

So true, so true. Want more? Follow my Pinterest board!

I hope that some of these gave you a good laugh. Now excuse me while I go write back to all my spam mailers. 

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