Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Choose Joy Tuesday #2

Today I am joyful because:

1)      The weather is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s pretty hot but much cooler than it has been.  The skies are perfectly blue.  In my break between school and work, I went outside and laid on the swing to take a nap.  Ahh..

2)      Skype.  It’s been a bit lonely around my house lately because most of my family is on vacation.  But I’m so, so thankful that I can Skype them.  It’s has also been a newfound way to keep in touch with faraway friends (hello, Sophie!)

3)      In the past couple semesters, I have had so many exams that I haven’t been able to get away to go to any of our church youth conferences.  However, this semester I’m thrilled to be able to say that I was able to work out a weekend where I COULD go to one.  For any students out there, you probably understand how much it helps to have something to look forward to mid-semester.  Yay for breaks!

Hope you are feeling equally blessed and joyful today!


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