Friday, September 28, 2012

Uhh, rude?

I have a question for you lovely kiddos:  Is it rude to tell someone they look like a young teenager?? Let me explain.  Recently, I have had about five people tell me that I don’t look 21.  I get various comments such as: “You don’t look older than 18.”  One lady even said, “You are not 21! You don’t look a day over 14!”  To some extent, I get this.  I do look young.  Maybe I don’t look 21.  But I am 21.  I don’t think I am some super mature person, but I do hope to get a little more respect than is given a 14-year-old.  My 14-year-old self was far different than my 21-year-old self.  She had braces and 14-year-old style.  I don’t have 14-year-old style (I hope)! Come on people!!  If you think I look young, is there really a reason you feel the need to say that? What if someone told me they were 40 and I blurt out “You aren’t 40! You look at least 80!”  How’d ya like that? 

Rest assured, I would never say this.  This is just a little reminder to think before you say something OUT LOUD.  How will others perceive what you have said?  I’d love to hear your stories about this!   

Joyfully (and youthfully) yours,



  1. People will always have something to say. You just have to have some witty come back. Strangers that asked to touch me belly, I would say Can I touch yours too? HA!

    1. Oh, yes! I love that response. Guess I need to come up with something clever to say too :)