Monday, September 17, 2012

Live Better America (.com)

Have you heard of this website?  I think it is awesome.  They have everything you could ever want (ok, ALMOST everything you could ever want).  They have all kinds of healthy eating recipes.  They also have classic recipes that they have “healthified” which means that they take an unhealthy recipe and make it healthier.  It might not be the best thing for you but it’s a great way to lighten up your favorite meals.  They also have recipes for all different diets--- gluten free, heart healthy, low sodium. 

In their Food 101 section, they have tips on buying fruits and veggies, how to prepare them and all about their nutrients.  Cool,  huh?  And my last little blurb about this website?  They have a blog with all kinds of tips on how to change up your lifestyle. 

One of my favorite recipes from this website is Healthified Pumpkin Cheesecake.  Since I’m raring to go with all this fall-ness, I can’t wait to make this cheesecake again soon!  I have taken it with me to several potlucks and it has been a big hit.  Check it out! 

Hope you enjoy this website!

Joyfully yours,


P.S. While it may seem like I am getting paid to promote this website, I’m not.  I just really like it.  Although, I think they should pay me (-:

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