Thursday, October 25, 2012

A sad reminder.

This girl breaks my heart.  
Hillary Kind died 4 days ago, just 2 days before her 26th birthday.  Melanoma can be deadly and is the most common cancer in young adults. We can do so much to prevent it. And yet, our culture tells us that we are most beautiful if our skin is tan. It's not true!! Every time your skin tans, you are damaging it. It doesn't matter if you put on SPF 10 before you tan, it is still damaging it! Love your skin-- it goes through a lot of wear and tear. Don't make it go through skin cancer too.

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  1. i totally agree with you,our skin should always be protected! i actually did a recent post with a tan that i used to have and it really gets me scared at how i used to damage it so much!