Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Is that a coinkidink?


I have been listening to this radio broadcast about coincidences.  I love a good old coincidence and I was hysterical over this one: A guy from Michigan is dating a girl from Ohio that he met at college.  When he goes away for a vacation, he asks his girlfriend to send him a picture of herself.  As a joke, she sends him a picture of herself when she was 4, on vacation in British Columbia.  Guess who is obliviously in the background of the picture?! His grandma, on vacation from Florida!! Hahahahaha! So crazy!

A weird coincidence that happened to me this week?  I had this lab partner a couple years ago named David.  This Saturday, I went to a PE workshop for extra credit.  There were only about 25 people there and one of them was named Mark.  I kept looking at him cause he looked so familiar, finally I realized, that guy looks like David's dad! What are the chances that is him? I don't think he is a PE teacher.  I didn't approach him.

That afternoon, I was rearranging some old textbooks and saw one I had been given by my Movement Ed professor... a PE textbook written by... DAVID'S FATHER!! Guess he is a PE instructor and was the guy I'd seen that morning.  So weird!

Soo, 'fess up! I am dying to hear your coincidences!


  1. Are you ready???

    When I started going to college as a non-traditional student I was a little freaked out by a "dating" ice breaker game and went outside to get some air. Being that my husband and our "mine-yours-and-ours" family totaled 8 children, dating was not a top priority for me. I sat outside in the common area and a fellow non-trad student sat beside me.

    As we exchanged information about what classes we were taking and general small talk, we drifted back to the ice-breaker game and agreed that since we were both married this was not for us.

    When I explained my blended family to him, he wasn't shocked like most people. My husband married a woman with 4 children and adopted them when he, himself was only 20 years old.

    The coincidence is that he was married to one of those children. And I was sitting with my "son-in-law" discussing my husband's adopted daughter who was HIS WIFE!!!

  2. Hahahah! That is sooo crazy. Thanks for sharing!!!