Friday, April 5, 2013

Snorting in class, Homecomings, and a New Hairdo

A few fun updates from this week...

I have decided that I am too immature to go to college.  My psychology class is the most ridiculous class ever.  I feel like there is "socially acceptable behavior" and then there is my psychology class.  Seriously, the questions and the personal information these people share is tooo much.  I have a really hard time holding it together.  So when a particularly odd event occured this week, I lost it.  I have never had laughter bubble out of me so loud.  Agh.

Joy's husband Jeremiah is home from his deployment.  We are so glad he is home safely!!  Jeremiah likes to pick on us so Bekka managed to snag this great photo:

Welcome home, Jeremiah.  It's on!!!

Also, I cut my hair.  This isn't really new news because it has been cut for weeks.  But here's a pic. I don't know why I decided to do a selfie in the car... Anyway, I like it a lot! It's so much easier than long hair. 

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