Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy vibes

Well, last week I didn't post because I couldn't get any of my pictures to upload to my computer.  This week, I still can't.  So, goodbye, planned blog posts.  

If you didn't know already, I started summer school last week.  For the rest of the summer. Monday through Thursday.  I have been a bit down about this, especially because my family is heading off for a fun vacation next week.  In an effort to stop feeling sorry for myself, I have been coming up with things that I am thankful/things that make me happy.  Spending a few minutes thinking about what I you are thankful for is an instant uplifter, so I'd suggest everyone try it! 

Without further ado, the things that I am happy about right now....

...that I was able to have such a wonderful three-week vacation before I started school.  The time away was much needed and spending a week with friends at a church retreat was so uplifting. family! I have been getting to spend quite a bit of time with them (despite all the times I have been away/they have been away).  I'm glad that they get to have a good vacation.  

...lovely friends who I love to spend time with!  Since I have been back, I have been able to hang out with Bekka a lot, including going to Six Flags with her and having loads of sleepovers.  Last week I got to go visit my friend Kelsey for the day in San Francisco.  I have been able to Skype with friends from Virginia and England, too.  Close friends always warm my heart.

...beautiful summer nights!  Warm summer nights just make me so happy. new internship! I can't tell you how much these kids open up my heart.  They just make you want to love them so much.  

...cell phones.  Blogs.  Computers.  Skype.  While I sometimes rant about how I hate technology, I really do love that it helps me keep touch with those I love who are far away. music and summer songs.  The combination makes me want to dance and be happy.  

What makes you happy this week? 

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