Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pros and Cons

After being on vacation last week, my family has returned! In honor of returning to a seven person household, I've created a list of pros and cons of living alone.  Have any to add in?


-You can go to the bathroom with the door open.  It really saves a lot of time.

-The house stays clean longer (assuming you clean it).

-You can walk around in your underwear.  Please make sure to close the windows, though.  

- Random plants can start growing in the sink.  This really happened!! If you have a house full of people, I'm pretty sure this doesn't occur.

- Ice cream! You can eat ice cream all the time with no one to judge you.

- You can change the thermostat like crazy.  For example: I turn the air conditioner down to 77. I freeze.  I turn it back up to 80.  I am hot.  Back down to 77.  REPEAT.  

-It is acceptable to sing as loud as you want.  Crazy dancing included.  (Who am I kidding, I do this whether I am alone or not!)


-You are alone. 

-If you get locked out, there is no one to unlock the door.  

-The house stays dirty (assuming you don't clean it).

-If you walk outside and the back deck collapses, causing you to fall to your death, there is no one there.  Yes, these are the strange things I contemplate.  Beware that walking onto the back deck is risky when living alone.

-You have to cook for yourself.  Or not.  I usually go with the "or not" option and eat lots of sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.  I also understand why people joke about college students eating Top Ramen.  This is not a joke, people.  Real food is EXPENSIVE. 

- There is no one to fix the sewing machine when it breaks.  Which happens quite a lot.  Seriously, if cars were like sewing machines, we'd all be dead.  

-All plumbing issues go unresolved. 

-Did I mention, you are alone?

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