Friday, May 2, 2014

At the Moment

I'm blog post-less today, so I'm stealing a list from Living in Yellow.  Happy Friday!

Making: Lists of things I should actually do.

Cooking: What is that? 

Reading: 101 Blog Post Ideas (desperate much?).

Wanting: To see my family.

Looking: Out the window at the ocean. It's a beautiful day!

Playing: "Run" by George Strait.

Wasting: Your time.

Wishing: Our fiance application would go through quickly.

Enjoying: Love.

Waiting: For everyone else to wake up.

Liking Loving: Tuna melt sandwiches!!

Wondering: If it is acceptable to skip running today. Is that a yes I hear?

Hoping: To be better.

Marveling: At the forgiveness of God. I can't stop thinking about the prodigal son and how his father greets him... that's our Father in heaven! Wow!

Needing: To eat.

Wearing: A pretend workout outfit... Aka let's pretend the workout already happened. 

Following: Jesus.

Noticing: How long this post is and wondering if anyone is still reading.

Knowing: That I don't know very much.

Thinking: How long can I lie in bed?

Feeling: Achy.

Bookmarking: Blog topic ideas. Obviously, I'm so creative.

Opening: New tabs so I can listen to Youtube songs while checking my school login while writing this while reading other blog posts. 

Giggling: At this picture.

Feeling: Lazy.

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