Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If blogs didn't exist...

Three years ago, I didn't even know about blogging. I thought blogs were some gamer thing (what?). Hmm... But now I love blogs. I first read a blog when I stumbled upon a link to hairstyle tutorials on the The Small Things Blog.  Her famous blog led me to other blogs, which got me to thinking. I became obsessed with the idea of blogging because blogging is... amazing. It's a way to share your passion.  It's a way to (hopefully) spread encouragement and joy. It's incredible to me that even one person stops by to read! How exciting!

So what if blogs didn't exist?

>> There would be a lot less free stuff. There would be a lot less google followers. And let's be honest... sometimes I think that they whole blogging thing of having followers, giveaways, guest posts, etc, is too much. But it is also a way for wonderful bloggers to have an income. And free stuff is fun too!

>> We wouldn't know what to wear! I mean, how would we know what to wear without seeing the beautiful clothes that bloggers wear? When I grow up, I want to dress like a blogger.  Along with that, we would have no clue how to do our hair (see above) or put on makeup (which, unfortunately, I still don't).

>> No one would know how to be creative or how to wear head-warmers. Bloggers just know. They also know how to make crafts and how to get their "pins" viral and how to record videos of themselves and not sound ridiculous. Wow, just wow! I wish I could do that.

>> Less food. Less food is a sad, sad thing. Where would we get meal ideas and step-by-step pictures of how to make them? We would have to.. I don't know, make food without pictures? Can that be done? But really, I love the step-by-steps.

>> In all seriousness, we would miss getting the open, honest voice of real people.  Blogs are a way for people, real people, to express their thoughts without the filter of the media. It's amazing to look out there and see so many people passionate about things that you are passionate about. I have some favorite blogs that have inspiring ideas on everything from being frugal, spending more time on God, raising a family, and cooking. And that's why blogs are so cool. I'm so glad they exist!

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