Friday, May 30, 2014

High Five

High Five for Friday!  Here's a bit what I'm thankful for this week.

1. Daniel got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about this one. As you may have gathered, Daniel has been out of work for a while with his hand injury. He was approved to work a few weeks ago. We've been furiously handing out resumes and last week he got a temporary job at a machining place. Turns out they liked him so much that they are going to keep him on.  I'm so proud of him!

2. Drinking refreshers

I get so excited to drink a nice refresher in the afternoon. Daniel remembered BOTH of my clock birthdays one day this week (my birthday is August 18th so my clock birthday is 8:18) and even surprised me with a present of refreshers!

3. Graduate school scholarships are plugging along. I've been applying for lots, so I'm hoping that a few will come through! I sure need them.

4. My bangs are finally grown out decently! This seems like a weird thing to be thankful for but since being here, I haven't had my bangs trimmed. I'm too nervous to get a new person to cut my hair so my bangs have been looking, well, horrible. However, they have grown out a bit now and will look okay until I get home.

5. I saved the best for last.... the first stage of our Fiancee visa has been approved! We are so very excited because this stage was supposed to take five months but it was done in about one! Yay!!

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