Friday, March 6, 2015



What is light? A wave, a ray, a chance to have vision. A way to see outside of darkness. A wonderful dimension of our lives. On a physical level, it allows us to see what is around us-- the soft smile of a baby, the flowers blooming in spring, the face of your husband. Imagine if we didn't have the gift of light and vision. The world would be a very dark place (not to mention, we would all be dead without the light from the sun!) Since we usually associate light with the sun, the term light often also causes me to think about warmth. We might think of the warm sun as winter melts away (or here in California, never comes) or the salt and sand of the ocean. These are all little things that I think of when I hear the word light.

On a spiritual level, light represents godliness. EnLIGHTenment is what separates us from the darkness, from sin. It is what separates us from the rest of God's creation by allowing us to reason. The light from God's word gives us a moral compass to be able to see what is right from wrong. It gives us vision of what God wants and hopefully lights the path we walk. Without the light from God's word, the world would be a very dark place. Without the light from God's word, we would all be stuck in our sins, without hope. So when I think of light, ultimately I think of HOPE. A vision for the future that is full of the light from God. 


  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of some flowers by my house that open only in the darkness they close and wither, but with light they bloom bright!

    1. Oh neat! What a perfect example!

    2. In the day, when they open, the flowers lean towards the sun! They soak up the sunshine, close and rest in the night, then reopen with the morning light. Apparently this behavior of closing at night is called nyctinasty, which is a pretty awesome word and not at all insulting to a plant, however it may sound! ;) These flowers are dependent on light and temperature to know when to open or close. I guess you could also relate this daily cycle to God's design for us: we can be full of life and vitality from Him and in Him in the day, but we also need rest. We can rest safely and peacefully at night because we know about His Light. God's creation is so awesome! Thanks for writing this!

    3. So cool! It reminds me of a verse in James where it says that God is the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. To me, it means that God is like the sun-- it's position does not change to earth, but earth's position does! When we are closer to the sun, we get more warmth and when we are further, we get less! God is like that-- His position does not change but sadly sometimes our position to Him does! Just like the nyctinasty, when we lean close to God, we truly bloom! How very cool... wish I'd heard of them before... thanks for sharing! If you get a chance, share a picture! (:

  2. That is another beautiful point! We bloom better when we lean towards God! I'll post a picture on your fb page of these flowers-nice and cheery and bright!