Monday, March 2, 2015

The Hubs Has a Birthday

It was Daniel's 29th birthday on Saturday, so we made a weekend out of it! We kicked his birthday off Friday night by eating one of his favorites... rice pudding (recipe here)! 

Saturday we were supposed to have a picnic but the weather wasn't nice so I improvised with indoor camping. It was pretty fun! We ate a picnic, opened gifts and watched Back to the Future. I made pasta salad, smoothies and sandwiches. I thought the sandwiches were really yummy... sourdough bread grilled with fresh mozzerella, provolone cheese, tomato slices and pesto. 

For dinner on Saturday, Daniel requested that my mom make Thai Chicken, one of his favorites. She also surprised him with another dessert, blueberry pie! He enjoyed our family tradition of opening his gifts and eating pie, while having the Happy Birthday song sung to him (very slowly and off-key).

Thai Chicken 
Haha... 8+1= 9

Sunday evening we celebrated with friends! I made nachos and strawberry trifle. He loves to play games so we enjoyed Settlers of Catan and Poop Smoothie (don't ask! haha..) 


Daniel in his zone... playing Settlers of Catan

All in all, I thought it was a nice birthday weekend. 

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