Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Week Later

Daniel is home! Yay!

For the past week, Daniel has been in Canada visiting his family. Since I started my second session of summer school, I wasn't able to go with him. It has been the first time we have been apart since we got married so I was feeling a little (okay, a lot) sad! I took him to the airport in San Francisco on Sunday evening and we had a nice sushi dinner at the airport. He then walked me to my car and we said goodbye. Even he looked a little teary! (Or maybe it was just allergies, ha!)

Anyway, it's been a good week. I got to hang out with the rest of my family a lot which was really nice. And of course, he enjoyed seeing his family and getting to go salmon fishing. BUT we are very glad to be back together!

Why does my forehead look so veiny?? I don't know!

When I got home from school today, we went down into our backyard and had a picnic. I am enjoying having someone to cuddle and hold hands with again! Next time, we are going to try to plan to stick to going on vacations together.

The only good thing about staying at home was that I got to get presents when he came back! (-; He brought me a really pretty dress that he got in Victoria.

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