Monday, July 6, 2015

Self Improvement

It's a little late, but happy July!

Three months ago, my brother shared a "Self-Analysis" with us at church. Together, Daniel and I filled them out and posted them on our door. It's basically a way to set specific goals for yourself and work on them. My brother had the idea that you would do it quarterly-- so every three months you would check yourself and see how you are doing.

I think it has been a useful tool and I've enjoyed working on my goals for personal growth. It's important to make goals that are simple and measurable. Otherwise, you'll come to the end of the three months and not know how you are really doing.

To make sure that we remembered to check our progress, I made sure to note on our calendar that it was time to do our quarterly self-analysis. I reviewed my goals and am pleased to say that I felt that I had done two of them (hey, two of three is pretty good, right?!)

One thing I didn't do is memorize the Bible verse I had chosen. So this time, I made sure to note that I want to choose a verse to memorize to be my "motto" for the upcoming months. I think this time I will set more measurable goals for myself as well. I have made a simple PDF of the document that you can download and fill out. It's nothing fancy (I'm not a graphic designer!) but I hope you will find it a useful tool for self improvement.

Happy self-improving to you! 

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