Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy October

Happy October! Normally, I'm thrilled when it is the fall... but honestly, this year I feel like I haven't had enough summer yet. Oh well, bring on the fall weather! I posted here about my goals for September, which I think I did really well! (: (: Here's what I did-- did you accomplish your goals for September?

1. Listen to a Bible class on the way to school every morning. 
Yeah! I did and I've really been enjoying it. Right now I am listening to classes on Ezra/Nehemiah/Esther; basically the period of the exiles returning. They've been really interesting and helping me to figure out the timing, which can be confusing!

2. Study while I'm ahead. 
So far, so good! Although I could do better, I think I'm staying up with school pretty well for now. It's been nice to not FREAK OUT about tests, so I'm going to try hard to keep it up (; I had three tests this week (well two so far, one today). Ack!

3. Have a weekly date night and meet up with my friends at least once a week. 
Did it! Daniel and I have been having weekly dates, which is actually easy to do because we follow the "love calendar" from Dating Divas. I've also met up with friends at least once a week, and sometimes more. 

Yeah! September was a good month! Also, it's hard to believe it has already been three months, but it has been three months since I posted the "quarterly goals" here. Daniel and I are updating/reflecting on our progress over the last three months. If you'd like to join along, here is the document. Or, if you want it to look better than mine-- make your own! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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