Friday, October 9, 2015

We're Moving!

We are moving! Ever since we've been married, we've lived with my family and only had one car. I had a long drive to school. It's all changing so fast! Just last week, we applied for an apartment close to school and we can move in this weekend.

How do I feel? Overwhelmed. It's very bittersweet. Emphasis on bitter (ok, not really-- there's a lot of sweet too). I'm thankful that Daniel and I will be having our own place and that I won't have to drive so far to school. At the same time, it's so sad to me to not live with my family. I have lived in that house for almost 20 years! It's my home. But apparently you can't live with your parents forever. #biggirlpants

So I'm just trying to remember that I will still be able to visit my family anytime. And hopefully our new apartment will become a home, the Ferrie home. Here's to all that lies ahead!

Here's some words I wrote last year, just before I married Daniel. The words still ring just as true today.


Cabin where we were married-- photo by Lis Dondero
What Does Home Mean To Me? Good Question.

It's A Safe Haven. It's A Place To Find Comfort. It's A Place To Laugh. It's A Place To Rest When You Are Down. It's A Place Where People Support You No Matter How Stupid You Have Been Or Are Being. It's A Place Where God Is At The Center. It's A Place Where You Can Be Yourself. 

A Place Of Love. A Place Of Inside Jokes. A Place Of Delicious Food And Lunches Packed For Your School Day. A Place To Cheer For Your Sports Teams. A Place To Play Music And Sing Hymns. A Place Of Spontaneity. A Place Where Your Family Makes You Play Board Games Even When You Don't Want To. 

Home Is A Place Of Midnight Snacks And Halloween Parties In The Garage And New Year's Buffets. Home Is Going To All Three Of Your Brother's Basketball Games On Saturdays And Your Sister's Dance Performances.  Home Is Being There For Each Other No Matter What.  Home Is Family.

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