Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello Stranger

I've become a bit of a stranger around here because life has been crazy! Daniel and I have been dealing with moving to a new home, buying a car (and getting new tires!), and on my part, lots of midterms. I just finished my last "midterm" and already have three tests piling up for next week. We don't have internet at our home yet, so it makes blogging a little tough. Such is life, I suppose! 

As far as our new home, it is now filled with furniture and decorated. I think it looks really homey and awesome. However, we are having some problems with our neighbors and with parking, so please pray that we will get it all worked out. We had our first guest stay with us last week and we had a little apartment-warming dinner on Sunday. I fixed these AWESOME Hawaiian sliders, which are super easy and tasty. I would highly recommend them. 

Not much else is happening around here (we hardly have time for the stuff we already do). We are heading to a youth group weekend for a "country" weekend. I'm not much of a country girl (besides music), but it should be fun. I'm looking forward to not studying much!

In other news, having a brother who works at Starbucks is pretty awesome. If you know me at all, you'll know I'm obsessed with Lime Refreshers. Well, Justin brought me a full box of lime refresher concentrate that they use in the store. Whoo hoo! 

I've been struggling to stay positive lately so I'd like to leave you with one last thought, a beautiful quote from Corrie ten Boom. She is definitely a hero of mine. 


Happy Friday, friends. Hope your weekend is full of joy. 

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