Friday, January 27, 2017

Awesome Recipes to Try Now

As you know, the topic of food is one of my first and favorite subjects. I love trying new recipes. And by trying new recipes, I mean choosing new recipes for my husband to make for dinner. We get a lot of AMAZING meals and a few not so great ones mixed in. I like
to say that if one of us isn't raving about the meal, we should not make it again! Life's too short to eat food you don't rave about, am I right?!

Here a few of my recent favorites!

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Cilantro Ranch

Aaaaaaaaaaannnd the name says it all! It's pretty easy to make (or so I think, since I've never actually done the cooking) and tastes amazing. And since it's a salad, that obviously means you can eat the whole thing yourself.

Crockpot Beef Burgandy

Who doesn't love a good crockpot recipe? Just throw everything in and something magical and wonderful comes out! This one is a favorite of mine because the sauce just tastes so good.

Bacon Pierogi Bake

If you want something so belly-warming and cheesy and good, chose this recipe. If you want something healthy and lean, not so much. We hardly ever eat this because it's not so good for my fitness goals. BUT it is SO good. It's everything bad for you mixed into one delicious dish, thankyouverymuch.

Cracked Out Turkey Pinwheels

These aren't good for a meal but are great for a party or a church potluck. I took them when it was my turn to bring snack for church and they were quite a hit! Not only that, but they were very easy to make. I'd highly recommend.

Crockpot Pineapple Upside Down Cake

On with the streak of healthy recipes... here we have a moist (sorry, people who hate the word moist) and sugary cake. I don't really like cake, except for Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I will warn you though; I tried to make this for some friends. I set it so that it would be ready exactly when we got home from dinner. Then the cake pulled a fast one on me and took 2 hours longer than it said it would. Two hours, people! It all turned out okay because Daniel ran to get some ice cream and then I got to eat the whole cake myself the next day.

Now that you are all clear on how I "unexpectedly" gained 30 pounds, go enjoy some food!

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