Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Big Dreams

Happy Tuesday, y'all! While I shared a bit about goals/resolutions, there are some dreams that fill our hearts that don't necessarily make it onto the "goal" list. Maybe these are things that have been pushing at us for many years or new dreams on the horizon. I wanted to share a few of my big dreams for 2017. 

// Start an Etsy embroidery shop
As you might know, I've recently picked up embroidery and I love it!! Can't stop, won't stop. Now I've run out of people to throw embroidery at, I still want to embroider but don't have anyone to make things for. Now, I want to start at Etsy shop and it's gonna happen sometime this year! My personal goal is to have it started by March, but we shall see. 

// Become foster parents
Ever since I was a teen, I've thought about fostering kids. It's something that really is on my heart. For many years, it has not be practical or possible to achieve this dream. But Daniel and I finally started doing some research (although far from experts) and believe that, with God's blessing, it may finally be possible for us to begin working towards this dream when I graduate in July. Once I start making an income, we should be able to afford a slightly bigger place to live (to provide a separate bedroom for a child). I also won't be studying 24/7, which will be a help (:

// Lose the weight I've gained over the past two years. 
Okay, this one is a little personal, but despite all the healthy eating and exercising I've done, I have gained 30 pounds in two years. It's been very frustrating and I only recently found out from my doctor that BOTH the medications she put me on (when the weight gain started) cause weight gain. So, I've switched my meds up and hopehopehope to be able to get back to my normal. 

// For Jesus to come to earth!
A dream that I have no control over, but isn't it want we all want as believers? 

What are your dreams for this year? 


  1. I can't wait to see your shop and buy presents for everyone!😍

    1. thank you!! I hope to have it up someday soon!