Friday, January 13, 2017

You Can Do It (but you don't have to)

It's January 13, which means that we are close to halfway through January and also means that it's about the time when our "resolutions" start to fizzle. Maybe your goals are the traditional ones like going to the gym more or starting that new diet. Or maybe you're super trendy and you've picked out a word to guide you in 2017. #iamsohip 

Whatever the case, it's hard to do. It sounds so easy and appealing when you aren't doing it, but so horrible when you're waking up at 5:30 am to go to the gym.

I'm here to encourage you that it's okay. It's okay to have already messed up on your resolutions. You can do it! Seriously, you CAN do it. If it's a goal that you love and is rewarding, don't give up. Miss a day here and there. Forget about it for a week. That doesn't mean you're finished. 

Keep going, friend. 

But it's also okay to realize that your goal isn't actually want you want. Let it go. Did you make a goal to go to the gym when you hate the gym? It's okay to let it go. **cue Frozen theme music for this paragraph**

But seriously, don't spend your whole year beating yourself up for not being consistent with a goal you aren't serious enough to love. If your goals aren't enjoyable and rewarding, they probably aren't good goals for you (and you probably won't be able to stick with them). 

Life is just too short and too precious to spend on things that don't really matter. Sometimes I get 20 days into the year and think, I don't even care about this goal. But, I made a goal and I must press on! I can't stop! If I give up now I'll always be a loser! 

Just. Don't. 

Being such a perfectionist myself, I think I place a lot of my self worth in whether I accomplish the things I set out do (whether a New Year's resolution or just a plan). For example, last year I didn't write in my daily journal once, and every time I thought about it I got frustrated with myself. It's such a silly little thing but it's important to remember that those things aren't what define you. 

It's well and good to make goals for yourself, especially goals focusing around how to improve yourself. Your self-worth is really found in what God thinks of you. And honestly, I can assure you that God doesn't care if you write in your journal daily or go to boot camp 3 times a week.

Your self-worth does not come from what you do but who you are.  

P.S. Don't forget to read the book for the month!! 


  1. So true what you're saying, Danielle! I'm a perfectionist myself and I can NEVER give up and then I spend wasting my time on something I don't need to do. Enough of that. :)

    1. Exactly! Even when I don't care about it anymore, I just can't give it up.