Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Getting Pretty

I've always loved a lot of girly things, but I've never been much good at makeup or hair. While I know that beauty is not everything, or really much of anything, I still enjoy adding a little extra touch most days. Don't worry, these tips aren't from me, but rather the beauty "experts".

Baseball makeup-- this is the way I do my makeup most of the time. It's nothing fancy but it's a basic and pretty (and inexpensive!) way to makeup daily.  

When I want to be suuuuper fancy, I love doing this copper look. It helps that you literally have to have no skill to do it! 

If I really want to show that I have skillz, I use this windshield wiper approach. #justkiddingistilldont

I'm no model (I know, surprise!), but I used this tutorial for the pictures Daniel and I took this fall, and I thought it turned out pretty well. Photo makeup is surprisingly different from regular makeup! 

On my second hair day, I often do this waterfall braid to make my ponytail a little more fancy. I know, so exciting!

When I want to come up with new hair ideas, I like to refer to this pin. The girl has similar hair length/cut to me so I can figure out how to do most of the styles!

And when I want to do something really out there, I wear this party bun! It makes me feel a little self conscious, but I love that it's different and fun.  

What are your favorite hair and makeup tips? 

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