Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Thoughts on Tipping

As a believer (and just as a hopefully kind person), generosity is something I aim to live out. It's not always easy, but I believe it is necessary. I try to be very frugal on spending money on myself but more generous towards others. I like this ideology because it helps me remember that money is not my own.

Yes, we work hard for our money, but I do believe it's all from God. Some people may work harder and make more money, but some people work just as hard and make less money. I really do think a huge amount of that is situational. So as long as I am in the top 1% of the world, I believe that I will do what I can to bless others.

My thoughts on tipping stem from this idea. Granted, I'm not super hardcore about this and I won't argue with you (very much) about it. I've never been a waitress/hairstylist/etc. To me it's not about how much money they make per hour but that my values shine through to those who have service positions. 

I generally always give 20-25% as a tip. This is because I factor the tip into my budget. Honestly, the tip is not a rating of their service but a gesture of goodwill toward others. Therefore, unless I had absolutely horrible service, I wouldn't give them less of a tip. I know there are some who believe that people should "work" for their tips, but I'm just not of that mindset. 

So here are some reasons why I personally feel compelled to give a good tip:

1. Before a meal, I always pray. There may be people watching, including my waiter, and I would want them to feel positively about me.

2. The money is not mine, it belongs to God. It has been given to me to put to good use.

3. Many in "service" positions make less because tips are a part of their income.

4. I want to appreciate people for their work!

If I am going to do something luxurious (ie, have a nice meal out, get my hair done, etc), I factor in the price of the tip. If I can afford to pay $60 to get my hair done, shouldn't I include the tip in before deciding to go forward with it?

These are just my thoughts are the matter-- take it or leave it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on tipping! 

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