Friday, May 5, 2017

Spring Party Planning

Happy Friday! This April was my mother's birthday and we decided to try to make it extra special by having a surprise party. It turned out to be quite fun and tasty so here are a few tips for spring parties.


I got pretty much all my decorations at Target, either in the decoration section or the dollar spot. I found pretty white luminaries, a cute banner, striped straws, flowered plates and gold napkins. Luckily, my friend Bekka had saved up lots of glass frappucino jars, which made adorable drinking glasses. The party was at my mom's house, so I used a lot of her pretty china to put out the food.


I didn't have a "theme" with the food because I wanted to pick lots of foods my mom would like.

Pimento cheese sandwiches: You can buy Pimento spread at the grocery store! Make sure to use white bread with the crusts cuff off for the perfect tea party style.

Paleo Thai meatballs: These were yummy and easy to make! However, mine did not turn out nearly as pretty as these pictures!

BLTA wraps: My mom lettuce wraps, which is why I chose these! They were easy to make and tasty to eat. The recipe made a lot, so this is a good one for a crowd.

Sushi: You can't go wrong ordering sushi rolls!

Tomato bisque soup: From Safeway, this soup is thick and creamy!

Cucumber mint fizz: I chose these pretty drink because my mom loves cucumber and mint. I personally didn't like the drink all that much, but hopefully most did. Here are a few other drinks to try instead.

Party punch: I can't find the exact one we used, but this one is very similar!

Lemon tarts: Only two ingredients! Lemon curd can be found in a jar with the jams.

Mini pineapple upside down cake: Only the best dessert ever!! These are a little messy to make, but they are SO good.

The day of the party was almost ruined when my siblings missed their flight, but it all turned out okay! We managed to surprise my mom big time and we had a great evening of food, chatting, and games with friends.

Are you having a party soon? What are your best party ideas?

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