Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Welcome, May!

We are one quarter of the way through 2017! This year has been so good to me this far. I feel like I am busy but happy most of the time. I'm even accomplishing some goals I've set for myself! Here's a recap of some of my favorite times from 2017 so far, as told by photos. 


Our church hosted a fabulous young people's gathering back in February. I had a great time with friends and with 7 girls crammed into my 600 square foot home! It culminated with Melissa choosing to get baptized!

Bekka and I had such a great time at our first folk dancing performance. Our costumes were a little embarrassing but it's such a fun activity! Every week, we attend dance lessons that are given by a couple in their 80s (wow!) 

 More fantastic news! Colton (my youngest brother) also made the decision to get baptized. We had a fun ski weekend with our friends. I must say, skiing is not for me.

Daniel and I headed down to southern California with friends. I went to Balboa island and got to witness the baptism of my friend Lauren. These are some of my dear sisters and friends.

Birthdays with my BFF are the most fun. We celebrated by going out to dinner, where we were absolutely pampered by our waiter! I got a yummy pizza (mmm... I'm so hungry!). We finished off the celebrations with hot tub time, dancing, and a sleepover. Love my girl time!!

As you probably know, I started my Etsy shop, Stitched with Pure Joy, where I sell handmade embroidery creations. This is one of my favorites, a labor of love by my friend Jess and I. What would you like to see on embroidery?

I'm also super thrilled to fulfill my dream of hosting an online book club. It combines my most favorite things: blogging, reading, inspiration, and friends. I hope you will join for May! 

Here I am getting baby love from my little buddy. Daniel and I hitched a ride with Justin to LA for the weekend. We visited our friends Holly and Forrest, as well as attended a wedding.

At the wedding, wearing our very best (aka my little brother and sister's clothes). I love this guy!!

A friend who is dear to my heart! Enjoyed getting pampered and having girl talk. 

I posted this picture, reveling in the little beauties of the earth. Who would have thought that grass and clovers could be so pretty, but they are!

Here's a great photo of my little bro, who will be super mad if he ever sees this! I guess we shall see if he ever reads my blog... (-; A few weeks ago, he bought the favorite foods of everyone in my family (sushi, pizza, Chinese food, etc) and had a dinner for all of us. It was so much fun to all eat together, play games, read the Bible and sing together! I wish I had a picture. 

I'm so mad that I didn't get any "people" pictures of my mom's surprise birthday party. This is a picture of the food all set up. It was so fun to plan it and surprise my mom! I'll be sharing more about the party with recipes on Friday.

What have been your best times in 2017 so far? I'd love to hear!

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