Tuesday, May 23, 2017

When God Calls Us

Here am I, send me!

The cry of Isaiah, the prophet of God, when God asks someone to deliver a message to Israel.

The thing is, that wasn't an easy message to deliver. It was an unpleasant message and wouldn't have been a fun task. The people who heard him would have probably greatly resented him. 

Isaiah's words are the words that should come from our mouth when we are called, no matter where. God won't call me to the same place that He calls you. It might be crazy hard, but if God has called us there, He will lead us through.

Sometimes God calls us to do hard things, things we never imagine we could do. It may be so far out of our comfort zone. Like Moses, when God called him to lead the children of Israel. Moses didn't believe he could do it. He didn't want to lead that many people. But he did it anyway and God walked him through every step.

If God calls us and we follow, He WILL lead us. That doesn't mean that every step forward won't be hard, but we'll be able to do it. We might squirm a little on the way, but if it was easy, then it wouldn't really be pushing us. God pushes us so that we learn obedience.

When I think on some of the things God has called me to do, it's been so worth it. Sure, they made me stick out like a sore thumb because everyone was doing something else. You have to flounder a little bit sometimes. But in the end, it's been just what I needed to be doing. 

And there is always more. When we are finished with one thing God has called us to, there will be another. But I hope that when God calls me, the cry of my heart will always be, "Here am I, send me!"

I hope you find the courage to go where God calls you! 

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