Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun in San Fran

Another week away from home… this is getting tiring! This week I am in San Francisco helping out with a Vacation Bible School. I was very happy to find out some of my good friends were up in San Fran too, and I spent a lovely afternoon/night with them!  We started out at gorgeous Golden Gate Park.  After walking around a bit, we decided to check out the de Young Art Museum (FREE admission!).  You can tell we are great patrons of the arts.

We also went to the top of the de Young to check out the view of the city... pretty neat. 

After that, we headed over to eat at The Cliffhouse.  The view was just AMAZING.  Seriously, I wish I could capture it fully with a picture, but I can’t. 

The food was amazing too.  I had some delicious ravioli (wish I had written down what is was!) with  a lemony-cheese sauce and asparagus.  YUM!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish my dinner because I had eaten wayyyy too much bread (not very good at the whole self-control thing). 


 << Looks wonderful, huh?   Andy got a burger, which looked pretty awesome too. 

After dinner, we drove to Union Square. We wandered around and shopped for a while...

<< Some girls plan their dream weddings; Samantha and I plan our dream kitchens

Unfortunately, most of the stores were closing so around 8 we ended up heading into The Cheesecake Factory for some dessert. Sophie is from London, and had never been to The Cheesecake Factory before (turns out, she doesn't even like cheesecake... how is that possible??). The place was packed, so we enjoyed a looooong wait. Luckily, there was a pretty neat view. 

^^ Andy and Sophie had the most massive shakes I had ever seen

So basically, it was a great day.  The Cliffhouse was wonderful and I would highly recommend it.  But of course what made the day so great was hanging out with dear friends!  Hope you are all having a great week too.

Joyfully yours,


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