Friday, August 24, 2012

A tiny bit ridiculous

Today I started my internship at the hospital (who hoo!).  Don’t you love the fashionable clothes they make you wear? No offense if this is your style, but I have never worn khakis and a polo shirt, ever.  I think khakis are extremely uncomfortable. 
I also have a few little stories to tell you about this experience:

1.      For months, I had been looking for an internship in the Physical Therapy department at a hospital.  Every hospital I contacted either said they didn’t do internships or that I couldn’t get in until January. Including this hospital, where I was told I couldn’t get in until January.  So, I sit back and decided to wait until January for my internship. Then, during my trip to San Francisco two weeks ago, I get an email from the hospital asking me what hours I want to work.  I’m thinking “huh?” but I email back and tell them that I would like to work Friday mornings.  I get an email a few minutes later saying that she would like me to start Friday (it was Wednesday night!).  Uhh, what??!  Thankfully, she realized that that was crazy and later emailed me saying that I would have to meet with the volunteer coordinator to fill out paperwork and give proof of immunizations and TB tests before I started.

2.      TB test.  I wasn’t even expecting this internship.  And no, I don’t have a recent TB test lying around, so I had to rush to quickly get one before I met with the volunteer coordinator last week.  Guess what?  You can’t get in at the doctor that quickly!  Seriously, sometimes it takes weeks.  So instead, I make an appointment to go to my sister’s pediatrician (I also used to go to him).  Sitting in that office surrounded by infants and small children (whose parents look to be closer to my age) is just a little awful.  When I signed in, they asked me what the patient’s name was.  “Danielle,” I mutter (as if I am not the patient).  And the awkward stares of people who are obviously looking around for the child that I don’t have.  My favorite part was when I got the TB shot, I had to sign a waiver that said that I was aware of the risks and my child was allowed to receive the shot.  Oh, dignity.

3.      Day of appointment with coordinator.  I arrive (30 minutes early, thank you) and I go into the hospital.  I ask for the “volunteer office.” No one, NO ONE knows where it is.  How is this possible?  Finally, the lady in the gift shop tells me that the volunteer office is not even at the hospital, it is on some other street.  So I drive there and thankfully, am still on time. The volunteer coordinator says, “Oh, I think I forgot to give you my address.” Why yes, you did.  I proceed to fill out paperwork for my background check and turn in my immunization records.  The volunteer coordinator looks at me: “Do you have two TB tests?  I might have forgotten to tell you that you need two TB tests before you can start.” WHAT? How did that little detail get left out.  Which leads me to…

4.      TB Test 2.  Repeat of story 2. 

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  1. That was hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh out loud several times.