Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Back


Today is a day of going back.  Back to real life.  Back to school.  Back to a decent bedtime.  Back to getting up at 5:30 AM.  Yay.

But really, I am not so terribly upset to be "back."  My break from school has been absolutely wonderfully fabulous and I am sad for it to be over.  Life marches on.  I will get back into a schedule and be stressed and tired, but I hope that I will still love it.  I WILL be content where I am (Danielle, you will do it, you will!!!!!) 

Anyhow, I thought I'd share with you a bit about my schedule.  I haven't talked about my school life in a while, so some of you might not even know what I am doing in school.

First off-- I am a Kinesiology major (huh? what?  Kinesiology= study of the movement of the body).  I am getting my BS in that and then applying to Physical Therapy school.  At that school, I will become a Physical Therapist (ha, ha). 

This semester is going to a be a tough one for me.  As usual, I could not get into the classes I needed. I am actually taking two classes that I simply don't need, just to get some units.  I am taking a writing intensive class on gender (my LAST general education class!!), an abnormal psychology class, and a kinesiology class.  I am also doing an internship at Eskaton, which is a senior care center. 

One of my un-needed classes is a children's literature class, which I think will actually be neat.  We get to read stuff like Charlotte's Web and Holes.  Who wouldn't love that??  I haven't actually been to that class yet so hopefully I won't change my mind on that one. 

Before I sign off-- If you are new here, WELCOME!  I am so glad to have you following along.  Yes, I know many of you started following me to get free stuff but I am hoping to earn your love!! :)  Check back tomorrow for an proper introduction! 


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