Wednesday, September 11, 2013


You know the blogger side of me, but today I'm going to share the really weird side of me.  I have some confessions that will make you realize that I'm not as crazy cool as you thought... cause that IS what you thought, right?!  I hope you will still like me after you find out all my strange confessions. Without further ado...

Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know 

I have these amazing clavicles, that when tapped, are really, incredibly loud.  It's my only real talent.

To relieve awkward situations, I start humming. For example: if I awkwardly meet someone's eye I start humming.  This actually makes it even weirder.  

I sigh A LOT, somewhat loudly, in class.  "Hmmmmm." I sometimes wonder if the people around me wonder what is going on.  

I pee in lakes.  Also in the ocean, river, and occasionally pools.  Come on, people, we all do it so let's just stop pretending.

I am incredibly gifted at doing embarrassing things.  My friends will actually ask me to tell them recent embarrassing things that I have done.  My stories always win at embarrassing story parties (yes, we do have these).  My friend Bekka and I have started a v-log so that I can look back at the good old days of being 22 and oh-so-awkward.

I am more obsessed with underwear than the average person.  What can I say? A good pair of underwear can truly make your day.  Also, why do we call it a pair of underwear?  A pair means two, and personally, I don't wear two!

I am a master stalker.  Seriously, I can find anyone on the internet.  I don't even need a last name to find them. A good thing? Probably not. 

Sometimes when I walk into public restrooms, I start unzipping my pants before I get to the stall.  Then, I realize what I am doing and stop.  #soexcitedtousethebathroom

I am afraid of hair.  Not hair attached to someone's head, but detached hairs... in library books, shower walls, bathroom sinks, etc. I barely stand to look at it and I can NOT touch it.

I love my brother's name.  Love it so much that I used to take a water bottle of his with his name on it to the gym and hope that people thought my name was Dalton. 

Very few things make me more excited than when people tell me they read my blog (shout out to my #1 fan, Levi G, I hope you are reading this)
I love checking things off on my to-do list.  So much so that if I do something that wasn't on the list, I write it and immediately cross it off.  BOOM.  I get stuff done.
I can make these faces. 


  1. "and occasionally pools."

    Remind me to never swim in the same body of water as you haha.

  2. Baby girl, you already know I never miss a single post.

    - Levi