Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Failing at Chemistry

Heart’s Content by Brandi Carlile on Grooveshark

Guys. I love this song. Seriously can't stop listening to it.  I just adore Brandi Carlile's voice. Ahh.

In other news, microbiology is hard.  Or rather, hard for me.  The first two weeks went along fine and I was actually thinking it was going to be quite easy.  Then, today, we had a chemistry quiz (chemistry is a prerequisite) and it was oh-so-hard.  There is a very good chance I failed it. Come on, are we really expected to remember an entire semester's worth of chemistry? Okay, apparently we are. The lecture was today a serious struggle for me to follow along because I remember almost nothing from chemistry! Also, in lab, I am always asking the most stupid questions because I am so lost.  He answers like I am 4 years old. So, basically, my professor thinks I am really dumb.

Pretty much my exact expression during class

Another happening today: I witnessed a brawl in the middle school parking lot.  Not a real brawl but there was some serious yelling.  In one of the rows, the front car had parked for, like, a minute and when he didn't move the mom behind him gets out of her car and rudely starts yelling at him.  He refused to move! Then all the other people in the cars behind him were getting out and yelling back and forth about how he wouldn't move.  Things like that make me really depressed about people. Can't we just be a little more patient with each other? 

Lastly, yesterday was the first day in three weeks that I have not had neck pain/a headache. It was so awesome!

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