Monday, September 30, 2013

I feel a good time coming on

Last weekend, I went to a Keith Urban concert.  I have never been the biggest Keith Urban fan, but I'd heard that he has one of the best country shows ever.  And boy, does he! It was, by FAR, the best country concert I've been too.  Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town opened, and though I didn't love either, I was thoroughly impressed with Little Big Town's talent.  They sure could harmonize. After playing about an hour and a half, Keith said goodnight and left the stage.  A bunch of people left but there was so much cheering from the fans, he came back and played for another hour.  It was awesome! You should check him out and go see his show if you get a chance! It is well worth it.   

Even The Stars Fall 4 U by Keith Urban - on Grooveshark

A beautiful night in an outdoor arena!

I also got to go see the new movie The Ultimate Life.  It was directed by Michael Landon, Jr. who always does great, clean movies.  It was such a feel good movie about realizing what is important in life and what really brings us happiness.  It didn't hurt that it had Logan Bartholomew in it, either. (:

Lastly, Friday was (hopefully) my last day on crutches.  Man, I seriously never realized how hard it is to be on crutches. I am now going to really empathize for anyone I see walking on crutches. It makes everything difficult and every part of my body aches! A big shout out to my lovely friend, Bekka, who was super supportive and helped me out with everything, even when I was being a big baby! You are the best! xo

Hope you are all having a joyful week!

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