Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Have an Instantly Better Day

If you are in need of some cheering up, I have a suggestion for you: use crutches for a day.  I recently hurt my foot (how, I do not know) so that it has been very painful to walk around on it all day at school.  It is only getting worse, causing me to limp.  Yesterday, I thought I would haul out our old crutches from the 1980s to get around school. I was nervous about how I would get around/opening doors/stairs, etc. 

I was pleased to find how kind people were to me! Seriously, I never had to open a door myself. People way ahead of me would notice me and hold the door. People behind me would run up to hold the door. If someone was in my way, they would apologize profusely. I could ask anyone where the elevator was.  I entered a building and stopped, trying to figure out where the elevator was.  A guy rushed up to me and asked if I need help.  I asked him if he knew where the elevator was, and he didn't, so I said I would take the stairs.  He offered to help me up the stairs! Everyone was incredibly nice so my day was really cheered up.

P.S. Just a warning... using crutches is extremely hard.  There is definitely a trade off. People will be nice to be you but you will also be in extreme pain.  I can scarcely even lift my arms today.  I might need to work out more or something.

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