Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The End of Summer

Good morning! Seeing how it is the end of summer (nooo!) and the beginning of fall (yay!), I thought I'd update ya'll on my summer activity list. I actually thought we did a pretty good job of doing most of the stuff on here. 

Second Saturday Art Walk

The first on the list and... we didn't do it! Actually, every "second" Saturday this summer we have been out of town or doing something else. However, this is a year round event so I still plan on doing it in the fall. I've heard it's pretty fun.

Gold Panning + Fishing on the American River

Yes! Well, sort of. We did go gold panning on the river and we did go fishing but we didn't go the American River. Close enough. 

Sacramento Vintage Night 

Daniel and I went to this one! It was pretty cool but we actually found a different car event that Daniel enjoyed even more. He was in awe of this car. Apparently it's rare... although I wouldn't know (-:

Go to the State Capitol

Did it! Check out cool pictures here.

Swimming at the Lake

Ok, I actually didn't really do this. Crazy, right? I did go to the lake a few times and wade in but the days we went just happened to be unusually chilly and I just wasn't feeling it. Plus, the lakes around here are extremely low and icky because of the drought. 

Make My Wedding Scrapbook

Done, done, and done! This took fooooreverrr but I finally finished it the day before school started. Whatcha think??

Crocker Art Museum (Free 3rd Sunday)

Did this! Neither Daniel or I are into art, but we tried. To be honest, I forgot how boring it can be to walk around looking at clay statues and modern art. Sorry, art lovers.


Our church youth group went camping in mid August. I got sick while there, so it wasn't the best experience, but overall a good time. I thought the meals we cooked turned out really tasty, which is pretty good for camping. (: 

Bike Riding

I went several times on a local trail and I even bought my own bike! 

Davis Arboreteum

Daniel, Bekka and I went to the arboreteum earlier this summer. I really enjoyed it but it wasn't what I had expected. I thought it would be a big enclosed area, but it turned out to be more like a nature walk. I wish we had taken a picnic! Pictures here.

Go To Echo Lake (Where We Got Married!) 

Yeah! We went twice-- once for a hike and once for a retreat with our church. Here is a picture of us at the cabin where we got married. (: 

Go To The Library A Lot + Read 5 Good Books

I read a ton of books this summer! And by a ton, I mean at least 20. I don't know if I really read 5 amazing books, but I read some that I enjoyed a lot. 

Sacramento Gold Rush Days (Labor Day Weekend)

Sadly, we didn't get to go here, but that's only because we were on vacation for our anniversary, so I was okay with missing it! 

Find Fun New Workouts

I have been a youtube fiend recently. I have seriously been loving workout videos from PopSugar Fitness and "Yoga with Adriene." Check it out here. 

Anniversary Trip To Squaw Valley, The Beautiful Lodge We Had Our Honeymoon At And Where They Once Held The Olympics!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Love this place so much. You can read about our adventures here

Take LOTS Of Pictures 

Ehh... I'd say I only achieved this mediumly. Which apparently isn't even a word. I did take an online photography class that I thought was helpful. However, I took far more pictures with my iphone than I did with the camera, so I guess I only half-achieved that one. 

Visit My Grandparents In Virginia 

When I had a week break from summer school, Daniel and I visited Virginia. We had a really nice time relaxing with my grandparents and seeing/eating fun new things. 

Thursday Night Concerts In Our Community 

We were there pretty much every week! Our town has these awesome free concerts in an outdoor amphitheater. It's always absolutely packed and SO fun to go to. 

All in all, I'd say I had an awesome summer! Here's to a wonderful fall!

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