Friday, October 14, 2016

6 Favorite Recipes

It's Friday, I'm sitting at home embroidering, drinking coffee and listening to the rain. Just a few of my favorite things. Something else that's a favorite of mine? Food. Here are a few of my current favorite recipes linked from the website they are from!

I thought it was fantastic served over ripped up pieces of corn tortilla. Yum! 

Smoothie bowls are my favorite right now. They are so quick and easy in the morning and a great alternative from my normal cereal.

Guys, this sandwich is so amazeballs that I will actually use that word.  

We substitute shrimp for chicken and this is my current favorite salad. 

At first, we were a little unsure of this recipe but if you want something flavorful and different, look no further. I like to sub sour cream for the mayo. 

Easy, cheap and so yummy. 

Tell me what your current favorites are! Have a wonderful weekend, friends. 


  1. That blackberry bacon grilled cheese sounds incredible!

  2. haha...amazeballs. Yes, that is how I would describe the Mexican grilled shrimp cobb salad!
    I think I'll look up the smoothie bowls.