Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Life on the Hill

One of the fall activities in the area we live in is Apple Hill. People come from all over to experience it! It's a series of orchards, pumpkin patches, wineries, and farms- all owned and operated by different families or businesses. You can go to hike, to pick apples, pumpkins or berries, to buy crafts, to eat delicious apple desserts and more. I go every year and it really is a very fun experience. 

Pro tip: if you ever make your way to Apple Hill, it is WAY more fun to go on a weekday than a weekend. Not as many places are open but it's so worth missing the insane traffic.

I have been to Apple Hill twice this year, including last weekend with all  my siblings. There were tons of people everywhere but we still had a great time. Because, apple fritters and caramel apples.

My favorites (missing Dalton and Lauren)

Here's a great photo to start us off. What Daniel did when I begged him to smile. 

Apple beer! Which is really just beer mixed with apple cider, but very good. 

Fishing pond

A vicious little creature

Being silly on the playground

Apple trees
Fudge and caramel apples... soooo good.

And here is this beautiful picture my sister took, not at Apple Hill. You're welcome
 Our favorite places to go to at Apple Hill are High Hill Ranch and Abel's Acres. What are your favorites?

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