Monday, January 20, 2014

Fruit Challenge

I have a confession to make: I have not been having a very joyful attitude lately. For a girl with a blog called Pure Joy, it is pretty hypocritical. One reason for this is my uncertainty about the future. I'm a person who likes to have life all planned out.  Surprise, surprise-- it doesn't always work that way! Sometimes I just need to let go and trust in God's plan for me.  

Today I am starting on a journey called the Fruit Challenge.  It's 30 days long and even though it would make sense to start at the beginning of a month, I can't wait! So I'm starting today.  Yay! I hope it will help me to have a joyful makeover.

What is the Fruit Challenge?

It is a daily guide to becoming more like Christ.  Every day for 30 days you are given a commandment of Christ along with a fruit of the spirit that goes along with the commandment.  Then it gives practical advice on how to live that commandment in your daily life.  It also gives specific instructions for each day. I'm really excited to start today! Send me an email if you are interested in doing the 30 day fruit challenge!

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