Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The MAINE Place I Want To Go!

Maine!! I so badly want to go there. My parents are obsessed with Maine and have passed this obsession along to me. I have been scouring the internet coming up with what to do in Maine... when I go someday! 

First stop-- a lighthouse! Lighthouses are so beautiful and I want to go to real, live one! My family went to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse when they were in Maine and it looks just beautiful.

Camden. When I was just a tot, my family went to Camden and I want to go back (not that I remember it at all). It was named #2 in Forbes' "America's Prettiest Towns". Cool!

Acadia National Park: My brother's recommendation. The view is beautiful and the hiking is great!

Bar Harbor: I want to go whale watching and, of course, get some delicious seafood grub!


Lastly, the James Place Inn Bed & Breakfast, because they have this room, which looks like a giant dream. I love blue and white china and this is basically a room version of that!

Now, who wants to go to Maine?! (;

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  1. I'm with you Danielle, I have also been longing to visit Maine too, it looks so seasidey, and charming doesn't it!? I hope that you get your wish, and are able to go soon, I really love your pictures too, it looks truly amazing with lots to do, and a place that is relaxing and outdoorsy! I especially like the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. Thanks for sharing!