Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dog Fun

Last week was a busy week for me, working 10 hour days caring for two boys! Let's just say that I am glad that I'm not a parent (I do enjoy watching them but it is a tiring job!).  After what happened on Friday, I'm even more glad I don't have a dog.

I had forgotten my time card at home, so my mom said she would bring it by when she went to the store.  Bella, the dog, normally lays around the house. In fact, I have difficulty even getting her outside to use the bathroom.  When my mom came by, I opened the door and we talked for a moment.... and there goes the dog.  Bella runs full speed outside.  Sooo not expected! My mom and I walk to the front yard, where Bella is proceeding to pee everywhere. I call her over and over, but every time we get closer to her, she runs farther down the street, peeing on all the neighbor's yards.

They live in a gated community, right next to a busy four-lane street.  We knew that we had to keep her from going out of the gate, so my mom ran down to the gate, to be there if Bella ran down there. Of course, she did, and there was no way my mom could stop her.

Now we have a dog that is running back and forth across a busy street.  I am freaking out completely. I can't believe this is happening! This dog is going to get hit by a car and it will be my fault! A lady stopped and tried to help us by offering Bella treats. She kept running. Cars were stopping as my mom and I ran back and forth across the street, calling Bella. Please, dog, I'm begging you.

At this point, my poor mom had kicked off her sandals and was running uphill on burning hot asphalt. I was sweating and wondering if I should go back to the house (where the boys were still sitting) but I knew if I left now, I'd likely never see Bella again. Although it felt like an eternity, it had only be a few minutes. Just when I was about to go back, a man stopped, opened his door, and Bella jumped in. I was so relieved that carrying a 40 pound dog home felt easy.

Just kidding, it was incredibly hard to carry her but there was no way I was putting that dog down.

NEVER again.

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