Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Photo Organization

I've spent the past couple weeks trying to organize our family's closets full of stuff! It's a work in progress but I'm pleased with the results so far. One of the most difficult things was tackling the photos in the upstairs closet. We have literally thousands of photos, many in photo albums, but also a lot that are just lying around.  It took a while (and several trips to the store) to figure out how to neatly organize them but I think it turned out nicely!

First off-- here is just a small sampling of the frames we had laying around in the closet. They all held pictures but we already have a house full of pictures so there was nowhere else to hang them! I decided to remove all the pictures and organize them more neatly.

Here are the two photo shelves in the closet! The colored bins have our photo albums in order by year.

I bought these cute boxes at Michaels! My mom has a lot of little things from each of us kids-- hospital bracelets, baby cards, etc, so I thought she could have a "memory box" for each of us.

Ok, isn't this the most wonderful thing you have ever seen?? After many trips to the store to get different boxes (that didn't work!), I found this gem. It is so awesome because I was able to put all the random photos that weren't in our albums into it. 

However, I found that we had lots of pictures that were larger than 4x6, like professional and school photos. I got this giant box and a bunch of 12x12 folders and once again labeled them with our names.  It looks so much better!

Hope some of these ideas inspired you to go get organized! (:

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