Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Like A Girl

I started noticing it a few years ago. I had never realized that being a girl was used as an insult. I started noticing that friends would use it if they thought the other one was doing something dumb. 

Stop being a girl... 

Guys tell each other that. Girls even tell each other that. Basically, if you are doing something stupid, something wrong, something weak, you are told you are "being a girl." The thing is, I am a girl. I do everything like a girl and I don't think that means I am an airhead, bad at running, of interior intelligence, etc.

It's really sad because it makes us think that girls as a whole are not so great. Sure, we respect the women we know personally, but we still put women in this category as a whole. Nowhere in the Bible does God put us in the category. Women like Mary, Sarah, Esther, the virtuous woman, and Ruth are all godly, hard-working, strong, courageous people.  If like a girl means being like that, I'm all in!

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