Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Panoramas and Other Fun

Saturday I got to have a date with this handsome fellow! No, he's not here... but we have been getting creative and having Skype dates. Daniel was super cute and sent me an itinerary for our date because he knows how I like to have things planned out. So anyway, we got all dressed up and it sure was fun!

The Dinner:

I made a wonderful homemade pizza! It was a combination of two recipes. I made the pizza dough from this recipe (I halved it). On top of the rolled out dough, I put kale and balsamic vinegar. Then I added loads of mozzarella cheese and sliced sweet potato and onion roasted in olive oil.  Mmmm it sure was good... didn't even taste like it was covered in gross veggies! (;

The Outfits:
Both of us were home alone so we didn't have someone to take pictures of our outfits... here is our best attempt at a selfie. Please remind me to not do it again.

I am soo amused by this. Daniel was very proud that he found a way to take a selfie of his whole outfit... and this is what he sent me.  Very flattering, obviously. #panoramaselfie

I'm not sure which is more embarrassing, mirror or panorama selfies. The moral
of this story is that we should not be left alone to take pictures. But it's proof that we dressed up!

The Game:
We played this fun game for a while! Daniel found a website that has fun things to do for long distance relationships and this was a fun one. Bagged Who Thief Huge Her?

The Movie:
Radio! Ahh, it's such a tearjerker but I love it.  Getting our movies synchronized takes a while, but it's pretty fun to watch "together."

The Bible Readings:
As usual, we did the daily Bible readings and talked about them. Studying God's word together is super great for a relationship!

So while I wish that I could go on real, live dates with Daniel, I thoroughly enjoy our Skype version. I'm just so thankful that technology makes it that we can talk so easily!

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